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The cover of our new album

The Chris Rundle Band was formed in the Summer of 2015 and is based in Bologna. The band plays Americana music: a mix of Roots, Blues and Country-Blues performed with both acoustic and electric instruments, that combines the mood and mode of old-time Roots and Blues with a more modern sound and dynamic.

The band is a collaboration between Chris Rundle, a British Roots singer and guitarist, and Enrico Pitaro, an Italian Jazz guitarist. They are joined in performances by Paolo Ferrari on double bass and Marco Raimondi on drums. (Paolo has taken the place of Giannicola Spezzigu who played with the band for many years but has now left Bologna).

The idea is to perform Americana music and instill it with some of the subtlety and colour of Jazz.

The band will soon be publishing its first album of all original material, entitled Pianura Blues: a muiscal evocation of the plains, inspired by the dialect poetry of Romagnolo poet Giovanni Nadiani.

Listen to a preview of Pianura Blues.

Watch a video of “Johnny’s Blues“, one of the tracks of the album.

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