Pianura Blues

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“Pianura Blues” is a record that sticks in your mind
like a tattoo to your skin […] it has that rare gift:
a blues soul that is full of life (Sounndsgoodwebzine)

An album […] that is full of life and real humanity.
A blues and jazz record that is consciously non-commercial,
and is all the more beautiful for it (ROCKiT)

Video by Milo Barbieri

Pianura Blues is an album of all original compositions. It is a muscial evocation of the poetry of the plains; an elegant blues with jazz inflections.

All songs are by Chris Rundle and Enrico Pitaro

Vocals and guitar: Chris Rundle; lead guitar: Enrico Pitaro; bass: Giannicola Spezzigu; drums: Marco Raimondi; keyboards: Enrico Pitaro and Domenico Meggiato.

Recorded live at Music Station, Trebbo di Reno. Mixed and mastered by Domenico Meggiato; produced by Chris Rundle, Enrico Pitaro and Domenico Meggiato.

Published by Areasonica Records.